.ode to the olympics.

Tonight’s Closing Cermonies couldn’t help but be bittersweet (bitter that it’s over, sweet that USA won 46 gold medals and the fact the Spice Girls made an appearance). I first attributed my immense interest in the 2012 Olympics to personal athletic growth in the last four years. Completing my first full marathon in October 2011 gave me confidence to know I can train for events I never thought possible (though watching the runners do 26.2 earlier this afternoon was painful! How do they run a 5.05/minute miles for hours on end!?). The thought of training that hard for years – just to be judged in an instant – is crazy to me! Every sport I watched, from gymnastics to track to swimming to diving to beach volleyball, blew me away. I firmly believe Olympians are superhuman.

After watching the games for 16 days, I realized I was not the only one paying attention more than ever. Everyone I knew was watching daily, talking about it, knew athletes by name. The commraderie amonng teammates was visible. So was the patriotism. The Olympics this year came perfectly on time to lift spirits worldwide. Though not completely hitch-free, the overall crime was low and every performance was stellar (atheletics, musical entertainment and beyond).

Between Wills & Kate’s wedding last year and the Olympics of 2012, I more in love with the U.K. then ever. Though I originally wanted to focus this blog on my favorite British beauty products (Mason Pearson hair brushes?! Butter London nail polish?! Anything my favorite (faux)-Brit Gwynnie Paltrow can’t live without?!) but  I shifted direction. In honor of the one, the only Olympic games of 2012, below is my list of Top Five Impactful Moments.

1. Olympic fashion From uber-trendy nails to Stella McCartney uniforms, athletes brought their A-Game to the catwalk of sports in Londontown.
2. Missy Franklin The pride on her parents’ faces as their only child won gold melted my heart. Her wholesome sweetness perfectly sincere. I adore her and she deserves the spotlight.
3. Oscar Pistorius Only 26 years old and so accomplished. He fought for his right to compete over the years and became the first amputee to compete in the Olympics. Incredible!
4. Women’s Volleyball Players’ Bodies Seriously a workout inspiration if I’ve ever seen one. More motivating than three hours on Pinterest.
5. This poignant photo from HuffPo reminds us of the spirit of the games. It’s been an amazing journey.


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