.white hot fashion.

Cookie cutter style has never appealed to me. I gravitate towards a look that’s a bit funky, a little off-center, almost (but not) mismatched. Of course it must remain polished and tasteful but bright colors, large patterns and multiple gold bracelets always make me swoon.

Being the rule-bucking fashionista that I am, I firmly believe white can be amazing after Labor Day. Invest in a few white staples and you’ll be set for all the seasons.

White skinny jeans convey summer when paired with sandals or bright tanks but can easily transfer to fall. Cover them with dark boots of any height and toss a chunky sweater (think burnt orange, deep plum or royal blue). Wear loose curls or a messy bun and you’d fit right in cozied around a fireplace. Michael Kors skinnies are always a personal fav.

An off-white floppy hat will shade your face from the cruel summer sun, but it can also hold down flyaway hairs while spending a breezy day at the pumpkin patch (hey, you’ve got to hit one every autumn!). Escada’s White Label provides the perfect piece. You’ll be wearing it from summer to fall to winter vacation in the Caribbean.

White dresses can be a hard transition, but this J. Crew “canvas” colored garment has cross-season potential. It’s appropriate for a nighttime beach party a la flowers in your hair and lei around your neck, or wear it at a holiday party with red pumps and sparkly silver jewels.


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