.cutest eye glasses, ever.

I’ve been a specs-clad gal for 23+ years. I’ve tried every imaginable frame: starting with large, bright red frames in kindergarten; followed by round, silver Tommy Hilfiger (claim to fame at the time!) glasses of junior high; ending with Warby Parker hipster/nerd thick-rimmed goggles I’ve sported in the 21st century.

There are many advantages to wearing glasses: sexy librarian look, instantly assumed intellectual look, exasperated pushing-up-your-glasses-and-rolling-your-eyes expression; added accessory when your jewelry just ain’t cutting it.

Unfortunately the disadvantages include constantly needing eye wear to perform everyday tasks. Often your glasses get foggy, or sunlight blinds you, or you try to go for a run and they bounce so horribly you become nauseous. On top of that, some outfits just look better without frames.

Being nearly blind myself, I love my contacts for the reasons above. Either I’m working out, spending the day in the sun or I’m dolled up for the night and want to ditch the specs. Other than that, you’ll find me wearing glasses.

The good news about the list above – modern technology has solved 99% of these problems. Check out these simply adorbz prescription sunglasses (above) from SEE eyewear. You’d never guess they came with an RX! Additionally you can get transitional lenses (great for us runners going from sunshine to shade), anti-glare technology (can’t recommend enough!) and the prescription sunnies. One of SEE’s best features is their  hip culture; you know whatever you choose is going to be trendy (and a perfect compliment to any dressed up outfit).

I was thrilled to nab a pair of frames from SEE eyewear on Market Street in San Francisco this week. I learned of the shop through the event with Mondo from Project Runway All-Stars, and as soon as I stepped foot in the door I was in love.

Their frames are *truly* unique as a limited number of each pair is produced. This is so exciting to a glasses wearer; the fact I won’t see a dozen other people in San Francisco running around wearing my glasses is swoon-worthy. I went in for a consultation, and Lindsey and Leo (pictured above) were simply amazing in helping me pick out the perfect pair of glasses. I wandered towards many different pairs, but they each brought an expert eye and broke down the vision for me. Tips included: watching where the frame hits your brow arch; paying attention to where to the bridge of your glasses hits your nose; minding shape of the frames verses shape of the eye.

I ended up with the purple frames above. I am obsessed with them!! Since receiving them less than a week ago I have worn them nearly every day. I have learned to plan my outfits around my statement frames, and they way they fit my face makes them a flawless accessory. They came in just a couple days, which was perfect because I was impatient! I am so happy I went with the anti-glare lenses because these glasses are so clear and crisp.

SEE eyewear’s slogan is “Hip Without the Rip” and it couldn’t ring more true. Their frames are reasonably priced, shamelessly trendy and the customer service is phenomenal. In 6 days I have recommended them to friends, family…and random strangers who come up and tell me how cute my glasses are. Now run, don’t walk, to Market Street. Your eyes will thank you!



.guest post on sasha maks vintage.


(Image by Sasha Maks Vintage)

Though I love writing for my own site it’s always fun to explore other venues and expand on new, interesting topics. As I contribute to other blogs and sites I will link my work  back here, and I hope you find great new blogs, twitter handles and websites to follow.


(Image by Skinner)

Today I wrote a piece on 1950’s-1980’s Italian jewelry designer Aldo Cipullo’s work for Trifari, costume jewelry powerhouse from the Retro Period. Click here to read more about the amazing piece above, and Cipullo’s well-know L⊝Ve bracelet from his days at Cartier (the likes of which are still being replicated today).

Please leave your comments below! Let me know what you think of Sasha’s amazing jewelry collection and if you were inspired to buy some of her pieces!