.sparkling ‘tree of life’ inspiration.

Bright colors, unusually-shaped stones and crisp lines are prevalent themes of high-end costume jewelry. Often evoking a Far East sentiment, this jewelry was largely inspired by the Indian Moghul “Tree of Life” designs from the 1920’s & 1930’s. Cartier was especially well-known for recreating these colorful designs. Oftentimes called the “Tutti Frutti” or “Fruit Salad” style, Cartier’s style contained bright gemstones and flower/leaves engravings. Click here to see more images.

The beautiful demi-parure pictured above (meaning two coordinating pieces intended to wear together) is inspired by the Tree of Life design. These vintage pieces were sourced in Madrid, and the bracelet is exceptionally flexible (each two-leaf segment accented with a pavé marquise design is a separate link).

Both the earrings and bracelet contain an intricate leaf pattern, similar to Cartier’s Tutti Frutti style. Each red and green leaf is colored glass and each gold leaf is carved. These pieces are believed to be from the 1960’s and are undoubtedly one of a kind. Find these pieces at Sasha Maks Vintage’s trunk show this Wednesday, November 14th at Mike Page Style Lab 664 Post Street (at Jones), San Francisco from 6-9pm. Click here to view the invitation.

This sparkling set is absolutely perfect for the holidays. Amp up your Yuletide cheer with these (and many other) unique, beautiful vintage pieces at the trunk show. I look forward to seeing you there – I will certainly be stocking up on baubles (and bubbles!) myself. Come say hi and tell me what you think of this blog…and the beautiful jewels!


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