.fashion bloggers connect @ jyjz.

Carmen, Kyle (owner), Arleen

Carmen, Kyle (co-owner), Arleen

Tonight I attended the Fashion Bloggers Connect event at retail space JYJZ (located inside Westfield Mall on the 4th floor near Bloomindales under the dome). It was my first time in this shop and I loved it! The event was well attended by local San Francisco fashion bloggers and the buzz in the store sparked my interest in their concept.

"Puurfect" cardigan

“Puurfect” cardigan

JYJZ (which are the intials of the twin brother owners) is an Asian/European fusion boutique with a dash of California style. Their designs are sourced largely from their own line Franco. Franco is a collaboration of independent Korean designers and the talented team of JYJZ, who all work together to tweak the Korean designs for an American market.

Funky print + bead sweater paired with jacket

Funky print + bead sweater paired with jacket

Merchandising Manager Arleen mentioned that oftentimes customers may ask for particular styles: sheer tops, printed maxis, cropped jackets, etc. JYJZ make these recommendations to the Asian designers for inspiration. Sometimes they take new Korean designs and change them slightly (increase the length, etc.) until they achieve perfection.

JYJZ staffer Joy in their label Franco

JYJZ staffer Joy in their label Franco

JYJZ also sources clothes from the major Asian label Lily. With 400 stores in Asia (holy Toledo!) and 10 in Europe, think of it as the Forever21 of on these continents. JYJZ is the first USA store to carry Lily, which is a major milestone.

Fall in love...

Fall in love…

Lucky for the customer, Lily does not have the huge following in America as it does across the globe – meaning JYJZ sells their Lily frocks at major discount. I spotted darling cocktail dresses for $36, trendy beret-style winter hats for $28 and patterned leggings for $16. Score!

Sequins + fringe purse, swoon!

Sequins + fringe purse, swoon!

Another Asian brand carried at JYJZ is Saba, whose designs were some of my particular favorites. American & European designers also exist in the shop including in LA-based company Teenplo and Europe’s Only Clothing, Vera Moda and Max C, all three of Asos fame. The combo of primarily Asian/European influence with an American twist provides a great selection of clothing and accessories for all types of fashionistas.

Sewing machine jewelry display

Sewing machine jewelry display

JYJZ also contains accessories (note the delightful hats and hairbows below) including slightly-naughty gifts: suggestive wine stoppers, bottle openers and piggy banks line the back counter. The eclectic mix of these reasonably-priced items are make adorable, unique gift ideas.

Love the burnt-orange hat!

Love the burnt-orange hat!

The more I browsed around JYJZ the more gems I discovered. I highly suggest making a trip to Westfield to stroll around and see what goodies you come across. Leave your comments below and tell me what you found!


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