As I reflect on the impending Thanksgiving holiday, my thankful list is growing at a rapid pace. Though this year was full of many memories – great joy, sorrowful loss, personal rediscovery – I am most grateful to be living where I love, with the person I love, doing what I love.

Being a writer was always my dream job (for when I “grew up” – har har). This year I have followed my passions and expanded my writing from the unfortunate direction it was heading (neglected hobby) to where I want it to be (flourishing full-time!). Despite having been in the SF beauty/fashion scene for the last few years, albeit in different contexts, I was still amazed at the community support I discovered as I dove into my professional career.

There are a few particular organizations that have facilitated my writing career in 2012, and I hope to write about them each as we travel into 2013. First on my list is certainly San Francisco Fashion And Merchants Alliance, Inc.

Known as the largest and most innovative fashion organization in Northern California, SFFAMA sponsors numerous fabulous events which highlight local designers, start-ups, writers and more. I’ve attended a few great SFFAMA events, including at The Factory and JYJZ.  I love their dedication to connecting local talent. I have met countless inspiring San Franciscans that encourage me to keep pursuing my dreams.

As the holiday season continues full swing, I hope to keep reflecting on the multitude of treasures I have to be thankful for (including SFFAMA mentioned above). I hope you each have a thankful, delicious, happy holiday!

“Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.” Margaret Cousins


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