.guest post: nail art tutorial.

Today’s post is a special piece from guest blogger Chetana, who is the founder of India’s largest beauty network, StyleCraze. Read below for her tutorial describing how to achieve a popular Indian beauty trend – nail art (which we personally can never get tired of)!


Nail art with accent fingers are certainly still in vogue. You can create these looks by highlighting any of your fingers with contrasting colors, or by adding different embellishments. You can get creative with your design, or start by following he steps below for this elegant but trendy look:


Things you will need:

  • Dark red nail paint (I am using Inglot 652)
  • Light pink nail enamel (I am using China Glaze “Inner Beauty”)
  • 2 sizes of rhinestone (big and small)
  • Top coat and base coat.



1. Apply your basecoat, then use deep red polish on your thumb, ring and pinkie fingers. Paint your index and middle fingers with a light pink shade.

2. Add big rhinestones in the center of your nails, and two small rhinestones on the sides of the bigger ones (as shown above). Use a nail adhesive to secure the embellishments, and add them when your polish is tacky to the touch.

3. Repeat on all your nails. Apply a top coat to seal in your new design, and you’re done!

Hope you enjoy this nail art, please visit stylecraze.com for many more wonderful manicure designs.



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