.home beauty tips.

We’ve all been in a tight pinch before. Last minute hot date requires silky strands, asap – no time to run across town and buy a hair mask. Or perhaps at midnight, after a couple glasses of red wine, you begin inspecting your teeth and become paranoid they aren’t gleaming white anymore. Or maybe you splurged your month’s savings on a new designer for H&M launch and can’t afford your $30+ exfoliant this week. Whatever the reason, we’ve all needed quick beauty fixes.

Below are my at home beauty remedies for common ailments. Some take some getting used to (raw eggs are just always gross, period) but I promise – if you run out of firming mask and need smoothing before baring your clavicle, there is no better solution. Please keep in mind different skin types have different reactions, so listen to your body should it protest a new DIY treatment!

Aspirin Face Mask & Exfoliant Crush a few aspirin very finely. Mix with a few drops of aloe or honey. Smooth over face and let sit for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water, gently using the grains to exfoliate your skin. The anti-inflamatory will reduce redness, though it can be slightly drying. Moisturize well after.

Eggwhites Skin Firmer/Brightener Simply remove the whites from the yoke, smear over your face, let dry and rinse off. That’s it. I still struggle with egg whites on my face, but try on your neck/chest/shoulder area before wearing a strapless dress and see a world of difference!

Olive Oil Moisturize Great for any part of your body – hair, skin, nails, lips, feet. I love to dab on my legs when wearing a short dress or let it seep into my hair during a hot Bikram yoga session.

Peroxide Teeth Whitener Strengthen and whiten teeth by rinsing with straight peroxide twice a day. Your teeth will look and feel better, without the cost of mouthwash.

Honey Bath Soak Create a silky feel and fragrant aroma when adding half a cup of honey to a running warm bath.

Avocado, Olive Oil + Honey Deep Conditioning Hair Mask 2 ripe avocados and 1 tablespoon other ingredients. Apply to damp hair and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly then shampoo and lightly condition. Your hair will be soft, shiny and begging to be touched.

Lemon Nail Repair Brighten and moisturize dull nails by soaking in warm water and rubbing them individually with lemon wedges. Remove polish before soaking.