.best sf veggie burgers.

As a 20-year vegetarian, I have had my share of veggie burgers. By my share, I’m talking hudreds. Thousands, maybe. Every grill out, every American resturant, every sporting event (if you’re lucky). Even at home (warming a burger on the skillet is an easy dinner, albeit terribly boring).

Having lived within the same 10 block radius for over four years, I’ve tasted every burger within the Geary Street/Van Ness Avenue/Embarcadero triangle. Below are my can’t-live-without bites in the 94109.

  • Bullit 2209 Polk Street Perfectly prepared veggie patty with high quality, fresh topping. My personal favorite: The Easy Rider (sprouts, avocado, pepperjack). Utterly satisfying. A wide selection of sides, from tasty mixed greens to a sinful tator tot bar, perfectly compliment my favorite burger.
  • The Plant Cafe 3352 Steiner Street Their original Plant Burger is made with lentils, beets, mushrooms, cashews and bulgur wheat – and is completely vegan. It’s an earthy, hearty, chewy burger and it’s absolutely delicious. A must try.
  • Polker’s Gourmet Burgers 2226 Polk Street Polker’s makes crazy delicious burgers with any combination of ingredients you can imagine, and you can choose a veggie patty for any of the options. The patty is admitedly mediocore, but the toppings are scrumptious- especially when paired with one of their thick blueberry milkshakes. Personal recommendation: Spicey Habenero Burger (warning – it’s hot!!)
  • Pearls Deluxe Burgers 708 Post Street The juiciest, messiest veggie burger I’ve found yet. The total opposite of The Plant Cafe, but sometimes a girl needs a options.