.my skin regime.

Though I am an all-around beauty nut, I am exceptionally crazy about my skin. I am terrified of the day I may develop a wrinkle, a sun spot, or a sag that will never leave me. I am a firm believe in prevention of skin ailments – once your skin is shot, it’s shot! I highly advocate cleansing your face every night, moisturize like crazy, keeping makeup to a minimum and using sunblock daily (and clearly – staying out of tanning beds!). All of those are great suggestions, but by the time you’re 20 you need to have a solid regime which treats your specific skin type. There are some great brands out there that won’t break the bank (Neutrogena & Alba are excellent).

At age 10 my grandmother instilled in me the importance of washing your face everynight (back then I was hooked on Noxema’s minty-sting, but those days are behind me). I’ve developed the perfect routine for my skin, and I highly suggest investigating brands that you’re interested in and ask for recommendations based on a personalized skin-mapping. I personally have used Dermalogica for ten years and am absolutely hooked, though Embryolisse moisturizer has made its way into my life and I couldn’t be happier. Read on for my skin schedule.

Precleanse Dermalogica Rub this oil directly on dry skin, wet your fingers and emulsify it over troubled areas prone to congestion (nose, forehead, chin). It will turn milky. Rinse off.

Sponge Cloth Dermalogica This microfiber washcloth dries hard, but instantly softens in warm water. It polishes your skin as you rub it in circular motions, and I use it to remove precleanse, cleansers, exfoliants and masques.

Special Cleansing Gel Dermalogic This soap-free cleanser suds up quickly, and immediately following the Precleanse you will feel the deep clean.

Daily Microfoliant Dermalogica This grainy powder is gentle enough to use every day – which is great, because you should exfoliate that often! Keep your face very wet from rinsing off your cleanser (or in the shower is perfect) and shake a bit of this powder into your hand. Rub it in gentle circles all over your face (it will turn from powder to froth). Rinse off.

Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque Dermalogica Part of their dynamic Age Smart line, this mask delivers a bolt of antioxidants and revitalizes dull, stressed skin. Use once-twice weekly.

Multivitamin Power Firm Dermalogica Prevents and corrects fine lines around the eyes. Honestly, Dermalogica makes four eye treatments and I’ve enjoyed each one, though I think this MPF may help a bit more with prevention. The Age Smart line is great for many skin ages – including young! Antioxidants are beneficial at any stage of your life.

Antioxidant Hydramist Dermalogica My favorite toner of all time. Toners are vital as they lock in your moisturizer and help your skin hydrated all day. This Hydramist fights free radicals and is so refreshing. Highly recommended

Lait Creme Concentre Embryolisse Known as the 24-hour miracle cream, this lightweight but crazy moisturizing lotion has changed my life. Apply in light, upward strokes and let penetrate for a few minutes. I have turned numerous people on to this product – it is great for all skin types!

Clearly, I am a Dermalogica fan. It’s developed by the International Dermal Institute, it’s fragrance-free, and it’s amazing. Every high end spa I have worked with has sold it, and it truly has something for everyone. Make sure you get the correctly recommended products and your skin will transform. I also highly recommend their Environmental Control deodorant and Body Hydrating Cream.

*Remember to apply these products to your face and neck and chest. These sensitive areas need special attention to prevent signs of aging!