.himmie shimmy.

If you know one thing about me, it’s that I’m obsessed with my cat. Even attempting to avoid dramatization I must use the word obsessed. I have a particular, incredible soft spot for Himalayan cats (it’s all my best friend’s fault, starting in kindergarten). I have owned two cats in my life – both older, rescued Himmies. While they had remarkably different personalities, there is so much I adore about this breed they certainly deserve a shout-out in my blog.


Calliope enjoying a Sunday in our garden

Himalayan cats were originally a cross between a Persian (flat face, long hair) and Siamese (think: DC in That Darn Cat, one of my favorite childhood movies). Starting in the early 1900’s these cats were often bred to achieve the markings of a Siamese and face/body of a Persian. Still today it is debated whether Himmies are a breed unto their own or a sect of Persians. American Cat Fanciers Association and The International Cat Association recognize Himalayans as a distinct breed, while the Cat Fanciers Association and the American Cat Association consider them Persians {source}.

Myself and little snow cat.

Myself and little snow cat.

Though I think Himalayans are the greatest, most unique animals I still refer to them as Persian cats. They are affection, aloft, particular, sweet, loyal…all distinct characteristics of the Persian breed. Besides – the sweet ‘lil pushy face is undeniably a Persian trait! Love the portrait below? Click here to see more of Anne Ross Oliva’s work.


Beautiful portrait of Calliope by Anne Ross Oliva

My two cats Clawdia (sadly passed away in 2007) and Calliope (still vivacious at 11 years old) were both older when adopted. I have never owned a cat under six years of age, but these two sweet girls each came into my world right on time. Their lives instantly turned into a blur of treats, toys, cuddles, attention and affection!

Clawdia approx. 2006

Clawdia in 2006

In closing, I urge each of you to adopt your pets. There are so many exceptional, eager pets who want to spend their golden years adoring you. I promise you an older pet can bring infinite joy to your household – our cat is a vital member of our family!


Calliope in Halloween costumes past: Sushi Roll (top) Amelia Earheart (bottom left) Hillary Clinton (bottom right)

Have you adopted an older pet? I’d love to hear your story! Please leave your comments below. Interested in adopting a Persian cat? Please visit Helping Persian Cats, a fabulous organization dedicated to making perfect matches!